Monday, February 9, 2009

toothie pegs

I've been very wrapped up in watching to catch the day Emmy's second top tooth breaks the skin and it's almost there! I took some pictures this morning trying to capture one showing how white the area is.

Well... my mother in law was up today and she found that Emmy's bottom 3rd tooth is fully broken through and poking up. I was so excited and astonished that I hadn't seen it. The grandma's really have me out numbered on finding her new teeth! haha

(This picture isn't the best, but you can see the glistening of the 3rd tooth. It's set back a bit further than the other two right now.)

I knew she's been teething because she really enjoys her teething sticks when I give them too her and she's never interested in them unless she's wanting to really chew because of sore gums. She's also been up in the night a few times crying and unsettled when her medicine wears off, but the poor little thing....... she was in double the pain and yet again I'm the airhead that had no idea, but at least this time she was getting some pain medicine before bed since I suspected she needed it. During the day she's her normal self and I'm pretty lucky that it doesn't bother her.

I also gave her a bit of a hair trim this morning when she was in the bath. I just gave her sides more of an angle since it's grown nearly 3 inches since her last hair cut. Just two little snips and it was done... no one would probably notice unless I pointed it out, but I had to mention it because it's the first time I have taken sheers to her hair myself!

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