Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lilah Update

Lilah is 38 weeks + 1 day old! Here's the cutest picture of her foot from yesterday. I'm still doing weekly scans to check the fluid and all is well with that along with CTG's every other day to monitor for any distress and there is non. My blood sugars are normal so there is no indication there will be an induction in the near future.

I keep telling myself that if I go natural I will not make it to my due date. I don't know if thats intuition or wishful thinking. I have a lot more pressure and pain this time around but it could be because my fluid is low. I've gained 19 lbs or (9kg) and last year at this time with Emmy I had gained 22lbs so some of the missing weight is fluid, baby (still a week to go to be equal in time frame) and hopefully me being more healthy this time around.

Today I get to finish up the nursery for the new addition! Kim got her dresser all painted pretty to match Emmy's. I'll post pictures of the cuteness soon!

If you want to give a gift to Lilah we are asking in lieu of baby clothes or toys a more economical gift of Nappy's in size Crawler or Cloth Nappy's in one size fits all or large. xoxo

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