Tuesday, January 6, 2009

missing daddy

Emmy has got use to her daddy being home over the holidays and is really missing him. Once Kim got home from work yesterday she was as happy as could be to spend lots of time with him. After dinner he gave her a bath, then they ate some watermelon together (which is one of her favorites!) then they watched some TV and played with toys. She didn't really want me until she was very tired for bed and only mom will do. This morning when Kim was leaving for work we did our usual "goodbye daddy" and she had a little cry and was not happy that he sat her down and was leaving. Later on when I rang him up on google video chat she could hear his voice and about popped off her head turning her neck to see if he just walked in the door. Poor little thing. Our gym is reopened now that the holidays are over so we'll be going back to our routine of Tuesday and Thursday night swimming so she'll really enjoying doing that with daddy tonight!

She's enjoying some pasta with sauce and after daddy's encouragement is wiping the mess into her hair. Thanks Kim!

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