Sunday, December 28, 2008

christmas 2008

Wow what a busy couple of days! It'll take me a few days to get the best pictures sorted through and posted so my American family members must bare with me and be patient. We spent Christmas Eve at Auntie Sherry's house. The women enjoyed good company while the boys tried Kim's home brew (eewww!) haha.

This is my favorite picture from the evening of Emmy with her Grandma Jan.

The next morning we opened up our presents and stockings. We were so super excited to see Emmy rip into her presents so we sat her down in front of the tree and told her to have at it. She just looked at us like "What the heck is going on? You've told me all month to stay away from this thing!" I have a cute video to upload of it. She just started bopping to the Christmas music and looking at the tree. After Kim and I helped her open most of her presents we had to get ready to head to his parents house for Christmas Breakfast.

Christmas Breakfast consisted of very yummy pancakes with fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Emmy really enjoyed having pancake bites with syrup and ate lots of fresh berries. After a quick bath and dress she was ready to open up some more presents with her cousins Bethany & Jade. Some of the fun stuff Emmy received was a wooden baby swing her Grandpa Kingsley made, a couch, and a my little pony trike from her Auntie Lia & Uncle Adrian.

We then headed to Auntie Robins for Christmas Lunch where the kids got way too many presents! Some of the great things Emmy received was a dinning set, rain boots, a fairy dress, ID bracelet, and much more. After lunch the kids too a dip in the pool and her cousin Bethany learned how to go under the water like she does with Kim.

To Be Continued...

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