Sunday, December 14, 2008

cephalexin rash drama

Emmy seems to be allergic to the antibiotic Cephalexin (so I'd better memorize it because I'll have to be writing it on doctor forms for years to come!) Last night she had a few bumps on the back of her neck but by this morning it really has spread. It starts on her forehead and hairline that goes back behind her ears and down her neck to her bottom and it has now spread to her belly and diaper area. It doesn't seem to itch her, but she may be a little sensitive to touch. Kim and I were paranoid this morning and thought it may be Chicken Pox but our doctor put our worries to ease and said it was just an allergic reaction and to stop her medication.

In general she seems to be on the upswing of getting well. She's past the fever part and has started eating a bit more today. She gobbled down a handful of veggies, fruit, and half a piece of whole wheat bread... which seems like TONS of food compared to her diet the past 5 days!

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