Tuesday, November 11, 2008

from belly to bottom

For the first time today I saw Emmy go from her belly to a sitting up position! She's done it several times already since this morning and it's amazing how fast they pick up on things they can do. She's also doing a belly commando crawl to get around. She can get up on all fours, but after a few rocks she'll try and take a step forward and flattens out, but any day now I hope to catch that first real crawl! As for the pregnancy I'm just about to enter my 3rd trimester and am surprised at how easy this pregnancy has been. After the rough patch of morning sickness which is better described as all day nausea I haven't had any complaints. With Emmy I had terrible back pain and pressure pain on my lower chest that started with the beginning of my second trimester and it's yet to show it's self this time around. Heartburn has been a killer lately. It doesn't matter what I eat or what I take to help it..... it's here and it sucks! It's funny... the girls already get into little battles with each other and they don't even know it. Emmy will be flopping on my tummy and from the inside I can feel Lilah kicking right back.
We've been working on lots of small little projects in the nursery. Kim's made an awesome divider for the top drawer of the dresser so I can keep all the bibs organized by color (I might have OCD...we're not sure, lol) and it works great! Once we get our second dresser for the nursery for the new baby I think I'll be putting in my order for a few more drawers like that for socks and onsies.

I've ordered an Angelcare Captiva Disposable Nappy Bin and I can't wait for it to get here so I can try it out! I figure with one baby it's a bit indulgent but with two it's completely justifiable and useful haha! So as soon as I know what I think about it I'll let you know.

Emmy and I need to go get ready for the pool now. I have pregnancy water aerobics tonight and then fun free swim with the peanut.

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