Wednesday, October 22, 2008

she's sucking her thumb

A huge thanks to my friend Alexis for taking the time to do a fun scan on the new baby and the wonderfully cute gifts too! It really meant alot to me and my mom! It was also a nice relief to see her on the screen and to know everything is looking okay. We'll have our big medical scan a week from Friday to confirm all is well. Kim and I want 2 girls and 2 boys but we're going to give it a few years before we put in our male orders (hahah bad joke eh?) lol.

The majority of you pollsters were wrong. 15 votes total with 8 for boy and 7 for girl. Maybe next time!

I also would like to say a big congrats to Nic & Ilia who found out their expecting bundle will be a boy! It's about time there was a boy in the group!

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