Wednesday, October 15, 2008

emmy's mall adventure

Emmy got her ear's pierced today! On the way to the mall I gave her a dose of baby Tylenol for pain prevention and she was such a happy little thing when we sat down to have it done and my mom and two sisters sang her "Itsy Bitsy Spider" while they marked her dots and then pierced them. She held super still since she's never seen three people all at once sing her FAVORITE song. After the click click she did a little cry but as soon as I stood up she stopped crying and just had little sniffles. I felt so scared and sad and sorry for her all at the same time. She's the proud wearer of 3 mm White Gold Balls with protective plastic backs so the posts can't poke her. It's been about 3-4 hours since she's had them done and hasn't touched them at all or acted like they have bugged her. I'm super excited at how cute she looks!!

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