Monday, September 22, 2008

overdue updates

Pictures taken yesterday in her cute froggie outfit!

I've been very bad about not updating lately. Lots of activities going on for us and we've been super busy. Emmy's really changed lately. She's getting pretty good at feeding her self rice crackers, cucumbers, and broccoli. At first she didn't like broccoli but after a second go at it she found out that it was yummy. She's also like a baby bird and wants whatever I'm eating. She has a new passion for grapefruit which cracks me up but I won't be surprised if she'll grow up and be able to eat a lemon with out blinking an eye like her dad! Her sitting up is coming along well. She'll sit for long periods of time by herself before toppling over and other times it takes her 5 seconds to fall over. Her fear of strangers has diminished alot lately. I think she may still be leery of men (but that's not really a problem haha).

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. We're going to the baby shower my family is having for me and Emmy's going to get to play with 3 or 4 other babies her age or a bit older. It should be a good laugh and lots of chaos.

As for the new pregnancy everything is good and just moving along. I have felt the baby flipping about a few times and I'm really looking forward to peeking in with an ultrasound soon!

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