Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BEAN: 10 weeks EMMY: 5 1/2 months

I had my first doctor appointment today for the new pregnancy. Everything was routine but I have some additional tests and appointments to complete before I can go on vacation. I'm showing slightly elevated blood sugar levels (already!) so to be on the safe side they're doing a full GTT test (glucose tolerance test) on Thursday morning and then in the afternoon I'll have an ultrasound to peek in and make sure everything looks good. Monday I'll meet with a new doctor to discuss my test results and then I'll be referred to a high risk pregnancy doctor for the GMD if need be and then go see that doctor before I leave. I'll be loving the 9 week break from doctors for sure!

Emmy did great at my appointment today. She sat in her pram very contently and then fell asleep for about 30 Min's and then woke up and watch me finish up the visit with a bit of blood taking and weighing (NOT my favorite parts!) Then we headed to the shops and took a nice walk around the main street of Gawler and she enjoyed another nap for the majority of the time. I wish I could sleep that much! haha

I'll keep you posted on the results.

**UPDATE** So I just got a call and I don't have to take the GTT yet! Yay! So that saves me from fasting, drinking two lots of nasty drinks, and three lots of blood being drawn! I'm not going to argue with that!

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  1. Good luck with your test & ultrasound on Thursday! Hope it all goes well.