Wednesday, May 21, 2008

signing time

Just wanted to share this with all you wonderful mommy's! When we were pregnant with Emmy we got the Signing Time DVDs 1-3. I have begun to show volume one to Emmy now and again. I'm not too sure how much she's getting from it but persistence is key, right? We gave them to our niece Bethany as well and she started watching them at age 13 months old and a week into it she was signing for 'food' and 'more'! How exciting! I first learnt about baby signing when I worked with a woman who's 2 1/2 year old was shyly refusing to talk and she was having speech therapy and part of it was learning American Sign Language so she could communicate her needs better. Of course she learned the signs and used them but what I was amazed at was her little sister who was 8-9 months old was sitting in on the sessions with mom and sister and was just exposed to it but was not being direct taught and she started signing at home without being asked to sign. How amazing!! Babies are so smart and really know and understand more than we give them credit for. Go HERE for a video on the importance and research of Baby Sign Language.

Here's a baby that is super good at signing!

Here's the link for the Signing Time DVD Website!

Here's a baby that has been giving all the
language tools from birth and she's amazing! With both parents being speech pathologist they knew the importance of offering alternative was to communicate and used sign language along with reading to their child. She's 17 months old and can talk well and READ!! How cool!

Today I dug out all of Emmy's books that her grandma Betsy got for her and put them in a basket beside our rocking chair. We're going to read her a book every time she has a bottle. I would be thrilled if she could read at 17 months and I don't see why she couldn't. She's already one smart cookie.... she picked Kim and I for parents didn't she?!?

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  1. We signed with Noah. By age 13 months he was signing at least 15 words, if not more. It was amazing. He would also say the word. We also watch signing time but that was after I taught most of the words to him. I watched them for me to learn the words(lol) he wasn't to interested in them!! He doesn't sign much anymore b/c he would rather talk in sentences!!