Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy 10 weeks old!

Emmy, all 13 pounds of her, is wearing her Purdue outfit that Grandma Betsy got her. She is doing really good on her formula again and is fully on the S-26 lactose free. You need to have a score pad to keep up with the formula mess, but hopefully we are past all the problems!

I came across a milk here in Australia called "
A2 Milk" and alot of people that can't handle lactose generally are oddly able to handle this type of milk. I love milk so I was very curious to taste it and see if I liked it. I'm pretty picky on the type of vanilla milk I like and it totally tastes great...but the real test was to give it to my husband who can't handle milk. I made him an ice coffee with the milk which usually leaves him in trouble and it didn't effect him like milk usually does. Now the iced coffee did have vanilla ice cream as well so this wasn't a completely well controlled experiment, but it was the only way I could get the milk down him since he hates milk so much. When Emerson is old enough to articulate how she feels I'll give this milk a try and hopefully it will be okay on her system! Here's some information about A2 Milk and I recommend you go out and try some!

What makes A2 stand out from the herd?

No ordinary cow. No ordinary milk.

You can always spot an A2 cow. That's because, unlike your average cow, it's been specially selected for its A2 protein. Only A2 cows can produce a2 Milk and a2 Milk is the richest natural source of A2 protein.

Studies suggest that milk containing only the A2 type of protein may benefit you and your family if you're concerned with certain allergies, immune function or digestive well being.

a2 Milk is not genetically modified and is free from additives. Maybe that's why it tastes just like good old fashioned milk.

For the grandma's wanting measurements for clothes here it is...
Emmy's foot is 3.5 inches long

From the top of her diaper (where pants would sit) to the bottom of her heel is 11 inches long
From the top of her shoulder to the bottom of her diaper is 14 inches long

She's wearing clothes that are labeled 9 months old in American sizes and 00 in Australian sizes. Holy COW!

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