Friday, May 16, 2008

growing growing and more growing and 11 weeks old

If Emerson keeps going the way she's be growing she might get into the world record books for the fattest baby! Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit but the past two days all she wants to do is down her bottles and pass out. It's normal for some babies to be 4 months old and 14 lbs and she's 11 weeks today and is an easy 14 lbs 3 oz and may be a bit more. Holy COW!! I will have some super cute pictures after this weekend because she'll be attending her first ever birthday party for Baby Ashlee which is her birthday today!

Ashlee with proud Mom Amy!

Also I wanted to tell all those mommy's out there something that I find so helpful and that is a TIMER. I always say 'oh I have to remember to do that today.. or later or whatever" and I ALWAYS forget and by the time I remember it then it's too late for whatever reason, but if I set a timer then later on when it goes off and I'm like "WHAT IS THAT?!?! OH YEAH!" and then I get it done. It came in super handy today because I was waiting on my Glucose Tolerance Test results which should have been in this past Wednesday but I kept forgetting to call and I remember at 8 am this morning but they didn't take result calls until 2 pm... I set the oven timer for several hours and I'm glad I did because by the time it was beeping I had forgotten all about calling them. So learn how to use your oven timer or go buy one or set your alarm clock in the bedroom..... it's a big help!

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