Monday, April 28, 2008

We decided a week ago to give Emmy another try on the Soy Formula since she was starting to projectile vomit again. Instead of changing cold turkey we weaned her off one and onto the new over the course of a week. This was a much better way of doing it...duh! So yesterday was her first day on all soy and all was well until this morning and we started getting clay poop and only tiny tiny bits after much effort on her part to get it out. Now I'm sure you are saying to yourself "OMG she's blogging about poop!" Yes folks... one of the most exciting parts of my day is the poop report. Suggestions from my mother and mother in law were to make her a sugar water bottle to help with constipation which was clearly the path we were heading down. I put 1 tsp white sugar in 120 ml of boiling water so it would dissolve completely and then let it cool to almost room temp. I gave her drinks of it here and there and during her formula as well. She started grunting again like crazy and all we got was some old dried out play dough. ugh! So I pulled out my next weapon and did the ol'lubed Q-tip trick I picked up in nam. Worked like a charm ladies! She pooped like mad and soon it was coming out as normal consistence again... so the sugar water was most definitely through her system! The Internet is a great thing! There's no problem that Google can't handle! For more poop reading head here: Baby Poop 101

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