Saturday, March 8, 2008

they call her mellow yellow

Emmy is doing great! She's such a good baby. She's 8 days old today and we've yet to hear a real cry or scream out of her. She's very relaxed and has me, my mom, and her daddy doting after her every need so there's really no reason for her to cry.
The pumping is going good and occasionally I can get her to latch on. Night times are awesome. We give her a feed at 11pm and we all settle into bed. She'll wake up around 3-3:30 am for a second feed then go back to sleep, and then again at 6 am and goes back down for another sleep till 8-8:30 am. I'm still wondering how I got so lucky! Hopefully all my babies will be so mellow.

Brodie has been super sweet with her and seems to just love the baby. He's given her a lick on the back of her head when we were letting him have a smell. How Cute!! He'll also bring her his toys... because he wants her to play with him :)

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  1. I love the picture of you two. You are glowing. Mommy suits you well. It is hard to think when you're pregnant you can love this little one so much. But you do. It is a love you can not explain. I am so happy for you and your husband. Congrats again. I'm glad the pumping is going great. Breastfeeding takes alot of work but is so worth it.