Friday, March 21, 2008

one step closer to being completed

WooOoOo Mom looking HOT!
Mom and I worked on and off for 2 days to complete the paint job and we are both very happy with how it turned out! Every time we turned around there seemed to be an obstacle in how we could achieve what we wanted but in the end it all worked out. There's still plenty to do like hang up the wall art, finish the belly cast, and make the crib bedding (which we're working on next ) but it seems like it's finally all coming together!!

Notice all the stuffed animals high up out of Brodie's reach haha! He's been very good about not chewing on anything that is Emmy's but I do not trust him completely!

I'm getting more curtains to make them a bit fuller and I can't wait to hang up the artwork! Eventually we'll also get a fun floor rug for her room too.

Here's a couple new pictures of Emmy. She's really started to fill out and get a little fatter. We had her weighted yesterday and she's 9lbs now and today she's 3 weeks old, and I absolutely love her to pieces and I love to kiss on those fat cheeks!!!

I've been hoping and praying that her hair isn't going to rub off or fall out and so far she's still got it all!! I'm sure there will still be a bit at the back that will break off when she starts really turning her head back and forth like crazy, but it shouldn't be too long and I'll be able to put in cute bows!

Lactose Update

We took her to the doctor yesterday to see if in fact she's truly intolerant and she is. The doctor wrote us a prescription for Karicare De-Lac formula and I was very happy to have something that was going to be better for her. After the first bottle we thought she seemed a bit unsettled compared to what she has been, but we continued through the night to feed her the new formula. By morning no one had got much sleep and she seemed in terrible belly pain. We agreed that the new formula was not working for her and that the S-26 LF was way better! We took her back to the doctor which was a different doctor due to today being a public holiday here and most places are closed. He said that we should stay with what works (which we knew) and then wrote us a script for the S-26 which is so nice because that means we get the formula for $5 per can compared to buying it at the store for $20 per can. It's now dinner time and she's had all her feeds today with the S-26 and she's already feeling much better and finally had a restful nap. I think tonight will go much smoother and that's better for everyones sack!! haha


  1. yay for getting to the chubby stage! She is even MORE adorable now.

  2. The room looks AWESOME! Mommy and grandma did a great job! It must take a lot of patience to tape off all those stripes....way to go!