Sunday, March 16, 2008

lactose intolerance

Last night was a long night for my husband and baby Emmy. She didn't sleep well and fussed and seemed like her belly really hurt her. When I took over at 5 am I decided to do some research into a different formula to use since I thought that it could be the reason for the problem although she doesn't act any different when I have her on my milk which is about 60% of the time. In doing my research I discovered she fit all but one of the symptoms for Lactose Intolerance. She has a rash around her mouth and under her chin where her skin comes into contact with milk, and other symptoms such as gas, belly aches, discomfort, bloating, and spit ups. She's also only been having one poopy diaper every 24 hours for the past couple of days which had us concerned. We bought her S26 LF (specially designed for babies requiring a lactose free diet). Originally we decided to give this to her for 3 days and see how she goes and all the while I'll continue to pump and freeze, but we have seen immediate results. She's ate large full portions with no belly aches and has slept like a log and has also filled her diaper up! If she's truly Lactose Intolerant then she'll not be able to have breast milk either. Just as well I guess because of the trouble we've been having to get her to take the boob. Kim has a slight intolerance as well so it's not much of a surprise to think she could have inherited it from him.

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