Wednesday, March 12, 2008

best daddy ever!

Kim has been Super Daddy the past three nights and has volunteered for night duty. I'm disappointed that she's not breastfeeding, but it does have it's perks at times. Thanks honey!!

My pumping is starting to pick up and I'm making progress on supplying all of her feeds, but we're still supplementing with formula when we have to. Today was the first time we have heard her cry. I let her get really good and hungry before offering her the breast and boy did she get mad at me! She belted out her cries of frustration and hunger needless to say our session didn't last as long as I had intended and I caved in and got her a bottle, but we got in a good 15-20 minutes of trying.

Tomorrow we're going to attempt to do our 3D foot & hand mold kit. I'm sure it's going to be very messy and I really hope it turns out! Her feet and toes are freakishly long so it's going to be hilarious to have them framed in a shadow box!!

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