Monday, February 11, 2008

baby shower


Yesterday the girls (Carolyn & Leah) through a Baby Shower for me! You did such a beautiful job too! I loved every minute of it! There was lots of fun decorations and really yummy food!

Uummm chocolate... I'm not suppose to have any but it was a special occasion!

Lia made a beautiful shower card :) and gave Emerson this awesome clip on toy! I have already clipped it on the pram and I'm sure she'll have lots of fun looking at it!

Jan made this wonderful baby bath towel with cross stitched animals in fun colors! She also gave a really cool stuffed animal that hangs from the ceiling and bounces so gently. I plan to hang it above the change table!

(click on me to see it bigger)

Lee brought the sweetest little baby overalls!

How cute! This little summer outfit was from Heather and her daughter Emily!

Claire & Louise brought a wonderful little photo album that I can't wait to fill up with pictures! It came with a really pretty box that I'll find some good use for!

Tons and tons of baby goodies like socks, onesies, pacifers & babie nail clippers were from Leah!

Carolyn's present was packaged in a really cute box ( and everyone knows I love boxes and baskets! ) with TONS of baby bath products! Shampoos, bath soaps, lotions, diaper supplies, the cutest no button onesie, and baby socks!


Leah was in charge of the games and she came up with some really fun ones! We played 'Spit the Dummy' (or spit the pacifer) the person to spit there pacifer closest to the bottle of wine won the bottle!

We also played a game to see who could dress Baby Born the fastest with a blind fold on!

Another game was Pass The Baby. Which came down to the 2 pregnant girls!

Some of the other games we played inculded. Baby Present Bingo - the girl to have the highest number of correctly guessed presents that I was going to open would win a prize. Guess My Belly - everyone got to cut a piece of ribbion and guess my size and the closest to the correct size won! Last but not least was the Peg Game - your peg would get stolen from you if you were caught crossing your legs!

Of course boys are not allowed at baby showers....... so we sent them down to the pub for beers. They looked pretty relaxed when we went to join them!

I had so much fun! Thank you ladies for helping me celebrate!

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