Wednesday, February 20, 2008

almost time to fly out!

Brodie can't wait for his Grandma Betsy to get here. He's been keeping watch! Only 3 more days!

This past Sunday we also celebrated our niece Bethany's 1st Birthday.

Her cake was very pretty and tasted oooh so good!

Shes been showing interest in drawing so we got her the really cool Color Wonder draw pad and markers. They only mark on the paper and not on skin or the floor or anywhere else she might draw like the walls!

So tomorrow will be my last doctor appointment hopefully! Yay! We should be finalizing the date of induction and find out when and where to go when the time comes. He should also measure her head again through scan and check out her position. She hasn't changed really since she flipped into place around week 32 and if she has changed within the past week I would have felt it since she's sooo big now. I feel like she's really grown alot in the past week when I look into the mirror or try to get comfy on the couch. Good thing I only have 8 days to go!!

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